Have you ever wondered, how the tax result actually occurs and where do cash flows come from?

This service is targeted towards people managing small and medium businesses which require implementing the internal financial information in order to manage and control the results in a better and more efficient way. Unfortunately, hiring a qualified financial controller can be too time – consuming and costly, as an effective work - time of the controller in a small company would equal a fraction of his tenure, and the remuneration in this work group is high. Moreover, the risks connected with employing a worker occurs, such as: not enough competence and personality mismatch.

The solution we propose is hiring a qualified financial controller per hour as a consultant. Our consultants have many years of experience working in various businesses across different sectors, thanks to which they can offer our Clients solutions fit for their actual needs. Those solutions are “tailor – made” because, from our experience, each company has its own specific nature. In this model the Client decide about the scope and time period of the service, which eliminates many of the risks described above and which saves money.

Examples of such projects:

  • Implementing the calculation of profitability on various types of services – service industry (medicine)
  • Implementing the calculation of measure costs method – production industry (cosmetics)
  • Optimization of the deviation of incomes and costs as well as cash flows – trade industry (advertisement products)
  • Implementing the reports of and tools for viability calculation on projects /pilot project/ - service company (biotechnology)
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