About Us

Kancelaria Magnet has been operating since 2006. Our company gathers auditors, tax advisers and specialists in business valuation appraisers.

Why does Kancelaria Magnet exist?

Entrepreneurs often do not realize how important healthy and stable finances are in business. Working in a chaotic manner, they do not pay attention to internal control and the quality of the financial information. They forget about the consequences of not fulfilling the legal and tax requirements. We believe we can change that by supporting the company in a way that enables it to develop safely.

Our team

We began our activity in 2006.
Our team of auditors, tax advisers, consultants experienced in audits, accountancy advising, as well as valuation of companies and intangible assets (below) is ready to help you in every situation.
We understand the value of your business, and we find the best possible solutions.


We support the value of our clients’ business through maintaining the quality of information and by raising the level of financial security.


How do we work?

Firstly, we help entrepreneurs understand what the real state of their business’ finances is. We recognize the dangers that the current legal and financial situation brings and suggest on how to prevent them.

Secondly, we prepare reports (opinions) on the correctness and accuracy of the financial information prepared by the entrepreneurs. These opinions add to building the public trust of a given business.

Thirdly, we prepare valuations of the businesses and of intangible assets. We perform comparative analysis (benchmark) required by the tax law.

What do we offer?

  • Audits and reviews of financial statements
  • Audits of merger, transformation and division plans for companies
  • Financial and tax audits
  • Audits of electricity consumption rates and the calculations of excise refund
  • Transformation of accounts and financial reports to International Standards of Accounting and Financial Reporting.
  • Preparation of accounting policy in accordance with the Accounting Act and IFRS
  • Analysis and overview of internal control systems
  • Comparative analysis (benchmarks) of the transactions
  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Implementing the elements of controlling, budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Valuations of businesses and of intangible assets
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