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We inform that the administrator (ADO) of the shared personal data is:
Kancelaria Magnet Sp. z o.o. z with its seat at  Sapalskiego st. 39, 30-399 Kraków, NIP: 6762505368, Regon: 364180388

  • All matters connected with the personal data, especially with all questions, applications and claims, shall be reported in person to the above mentioned address or via post or e-mail:
  • The shared personal data:
    • Shall be processed in accordance with the Regulation (UE) 2016/6791 (so-called RODO) of the European Parliament and of the Council
    • Shall be processed in order to:
      • Present the agreement– until the time of its conclusion or a refusal to do so;
      • Realization of the agreement – throught its duration;
      • Direct marketing activities offered by the ADO services – subject to other legal regulations – throught the duration of the agreement;
      • Fulfillment of the legal duty, especially connected to the accounting act – within the duration of the rules in question.
      • Determining, enforcing or defending the claims – if such situation shall take place during or after the end of the Parties’ cooperation – within the duration of other claims in question
    • Are necessary for the proper realization of the Agreement, reviling them is voluntary, however not sharing them shall make the realization of the Agreement with ADO impossible.
  • The recipients of the shared personal data shall be only ADO and entities cooperating with them within its business;
  • In terms of shared personal data, you have the right to:
    • Demand the access to them from ADO
    • Clarify, delete or limit of its processing;
    • Submit an objection against the processing
    • Transfer the data;
  • If the processing is carried out on the basis of your permission (included in the Agreement), it is voluntary and you have the right to withdraw it at any given moment.

In case of violation by ADO the regulations concerning the security of the personal data, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervising organ. The complaint should be addressed to the Office of the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection,  2 Stawki  St. 00-193 Warsaw, or filed via the Electronic Mailbox (