Business and Other Assets Valuation

Value your business or other assets if:

  • you are the owner of the company and you are preparing to sell the shares,
  • you want to bring your enterprise or its organised part to another unit,
  • you are an investor who wants to make the right decisions, basing them on the actual value of the enterprise,
  • you want to know the actual value of your tangible or intangible assets.

Our experts and specialists will help you in this field, and prepare a valuation report as well as advice on how to safely and profitably carry out a transaction in accounting and tax terms.

The services provided in this area include:

– valuing enterprises and an organised part of an enterprise (ZCP),

– valuing rights and obligations, shares and stocks (e.g. for the purposes of determining exchange ratios in the processes of merger of companies or for the purposes of compulsory buyout of shares),

– valuing intangible assets, e.g. valuing brands, trademarks, know-how, patents, customer relations,

– impairment testing.